AppNexus Deals Open Beta: A Step Beyond Today’s Deal ID Limits

Today we are excited to introduce our Deals Open Beta! All Console customers are invited to explore our newest Deals capabilities. But first, a word on how we got here.

Deal ID: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Deal ID was created a few years ago in an attempt to fill a gap that existed between traditional direct buys and real-time bidding. In order to differentiate their media offerings at scale, companies needed a solution that combined the efficiency of RTB with the personal touch of direct sales.

Enabling DSPs and SSPs to package and purchase inventory and data using the RTB protocol was the primary objective of Deal ID. Sellers would be able to offer unique assets directly to agencies and other buyers. Buyers would be able to procure special access to inventory on behalf of their brands. It sounded like a win-win.

However, the standard Deal ID implementation has never quite lived up to the hype; in fact, it is often error-prone, cumbersome, inefficient, and unprofitable. Offline negotiations can take days, requiring dozens of tedious steps. Mistakes are easy to make and difficult to diagnose. As one Ad Operations manager told us last year, “As far as I know we have never had a single campaign using a Deal ID go live properly after the initial setup."

Because execution with Deal ID is so difficult, the business risks are high. Campaigns can be slowed or stopped by a problematic deal, resulting in end-client dissatisfaction, stalled cash flows, and wasted time spent troubleshooting. More often than not, we’ve seen how Deal ID can hurt reputations between companies and erode profit margins.

Empowering our customers with Deals that work

In the past year, we’ve taken to heart these observations about the limitations of Deal ID and have developed a product that leverages the performance, transparency, and reliability of the AppNexus platform to deliver Deals that work.

Console customers negotiate deals through Partner Center, where they can oversee their partnerships with other Console members and communicate directly with each other about deals. Once a seller creates a deal, a buyer can target the deal immediately in Console. Both parties can see when deals are targeted and can track the success of their deals and partnerships with built-in analytics.

Our Deals product has been in limited Beta for several months now. Quick adoption and lots of usage by those clients has validated that our Deals product makes partner discovery, deal negotiation, deal targeting, and deal monitoring seamless for the Console buyer and seller. Using one common platform eliminates inconsistencies, reduces human error, and gives our customers confidence that campaigns are successfully set up and delivering.

Because business relationships extend across technologies, we’re rolling out Deals for select off-platform Beta partners as well. Starting today, sellers can access DSP Deals demand via DoubleClick Bid Manager and Media Math, and we’re continuing work with other external supply and demand partners to extend our Deals integrations.

With the Deals Open Beta, we’re a step closer to achieving our Deals vision. We’ve reimagined the entire Deal ID experience to deliver the real benefits of programmatically scaling relationships, without the headaches.

Our product is in Beta, which means it is still in an experimental state for testing and feedback. We’re continually iterating on our Deals capabilities, so stay tuned for more Deals product developments!

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