Moving onwards...

It’s been six incredible years since Brian and I founded AppNexus, and after much self-reflection, I have decided that I am ready for my next adventure. I will step down from my full-time position as CTO at the end of the month, transitioning to an advisory role that will keep me engaged with the company moving forward. Since AppNexus has two Board seats explicitly reserved for management, my chair next to Brian will pass to Michael Rubenstein – and there’s no one who deserves it more.

AppNexus has experienced unbelievable growth over the last few years, growing from a team that was just Brian and me to a company with a full tech org of roughly 200. As a result, my responsibilities as CTO have dramatically changed. I’ve always been happiest building things, rolling up my sleeves and getting deeply involved with projects and problems, whether technical or not. Of course, at our size I can’t get involved in every project.

After much deliberation and discussions with Brian, Michael and Igor, I decided it was time to step aside and let the next generation of technical leaders (of which we have so many!) take charge. My decision was not an easy one, but it was made easier knowing that there are no better hands for AppNexus to be in than those of Brian, Michael, Igor and the absolutely world-class leadership team we’ve built in New York and Europe over the last year or so.

Having been in London for the past seven months working closely with our rapidly growing European teams, it made me proud to see first-hand the achievements we’ve made expanding our global footprint, strengthening our relationships, and getting ready for the big opportunities that lie ahead in the many markets here.

Although I’m sad to leave, I’m excited for my future – next month my wife and I will be starting an online business together!

This change has been in the works for a long time, and over the past few months I’ve slowly transitioned my remaining CTO responsibilities to Igor, Pat, and many others in our elite tech team. I couldn’t be more proud of that group, which will continue to deliver great products like Tango and mobile, and scale to numbers Brian and I couldn’t have dreamed of when we started the company working from a couch in his apartment.

This isn’t a goodbye. I will always be a friend of AppNexus and look forward to being engaged with the leadership and technology teams as an advisor.

All the best and don’t be strangers,


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