Mobile Advertising Goes Big with the Millennial Media Exchange, the First Mobile “Must Buy”

Late yesterday afternoon, AppNexus and Millennial Media announced the Millennial Media Exchange (MMX), a partnership that will transform the mobile advertising landscape. MMX will offer the best combination of liquidity, data, and technology to create the world’s largest premium mobile exchange.

More than that, this partnership will serve as a catalyst for the mobile ad market, rapidly accelerating its growth.

The creation of MMX brings together the leader in premium mobile advertising with the leader in programmatic ad technology. As we’ve seen in the desktop display world, when the dominant supply source teams up with the best technology provider, the market reacts in a significant way. Not only do these sorts of partnerships bring attention to burgeoning markets, they can bring “hockey stick” growth to an entire industry.

We’re excited to be working together with the forward-thinking team at Millennial Media to unlock the potential of mobile advertising and offer unprecedented scale to programmatic mobile buyers. This massive new source of supply – which has never been available programmatically before – will help unify the fragmented mobile market and create the first “must buy” for mobile advertisers.

This is also more than a scale and efficiency story. MMX will enable new value creation via access to proprietary Millennial audience data. Advertisers will benefit immensely through better performance and significantly enhanced reach, while publishers and app developers will realize a new level of monetization, creative control, and efficiency.

Six months ago, we announced our commitment to solving the challenges that have been keeping mobile advertising from reaching its full potential. Today, we are thrilled to partner with the largest and most respected independent mobile advertising company to launch the next generation mobile ad marketplace.

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