FBX Is A Game Changer: Learn to Play and Win

Tips On Tuesdays is a blog series written by AppNexus’ clients and partners. The series features practical insights on how various companies have been successful in today’s digital advertising ecosystem and how you can be too. Today’s post is written by Eric Boquet, founder of ONESIXTY2.

With 1.1 billion active users liking, friending and sharing each month, Facebook is truly the place to be. And thanks to Facebook Exchange (FBX), it’s also the place to launch display ad campaigns. Nothing redefined the RTB space like FBX did in 2012. If you don’t have a FBX strategy in 2013, stop whatever you’re doing and devise one.

Need tips? Here’s what worked for us:

#1. Select a platform that retargets on FBX and traditional exchanges simultaneously. 

Yes, you want to take advantage of the new FBX capabilities. But you don’t want to lose out on the yields from traditional exchanges. So use a single provider that gives you access to both, like AppNexus, the platform we selected.

#2. Use multiple messages in different formats.

Appeal to as wide an audience as possible. We lowered CPA by as much as 15% when we diversified our message and format.

#3. Blend first-party data with third-party data from external vendors.

The better you know your consumers, the better you can retarget them, so take advantage of the different types of data available to you.

In the last three months of 2012, we ran more than 20 FBX campaigns, resulting in 140 million impressions. Through FBX, we were able to retarget:

  • 28% more users within 48 hours of a site visit, compared to retargeting on traditional exchanges.
  • 13% more users within one week of a site visit who were previously unreachable on traditional exchanges.

The results are promising, but it doesn’t mean that we’ve thrown out traditional exchanges all together. We’re simply retargeting more effectively through campaigns that take advantage of FBX and traditional exchanges at the same time.

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