The World of Display Advertising Just Got a Lot Bigger

Like some 200 million other users in the US, I’ve spent my share of time on Facebook. Yet I am still amazed when I hear stats like “one in every five page views occurs on”[i]

That sounds like a goldmine for advertisers, but until recently, this major destination on the web was disconnected from the world of display advertising. This world was waiting with the proverbial “bated breath” to see what, if any, opportunities would develop for us to connect with Facebook inventory.

So when Facebook announced the Facebook Exchange Alpha back in June, everyone in the ecosystem, I think it’s safe to say, was excited to kick the tires and take it for a test drive. A whole new world was opening; Facebook marketplace inventory was now available via real-time bidding (RTB). We at AppNexus were thrilled to be one of the Preferred Marketing Developers (PMDs) selected for participation in the Facebook Exchange Alpha.

As SVP of Strategic Accounts at AppNexus, it’s been my great pleasure to act as our liaison to Facebook, working hard with the fantastic teams at both companies to help our clients take advantage of this massive new pool of quality, brand safe inventory. After a few short months (and lots of hard work!), today, September 13, marks the official launch of the Facebook Exchange. I am happy to say that now a single display strategy, indeed a single display buy on AppNexus, can span all major destinations on the web; truly the best of both worlds!

Already AppNexus has seen early success for our clients on the Facebook Exchange.
For example, Accordant Media's clients were eager to extend their rich data targeting assets across the Facebook audience. The Facebook Exchange delivered increased reach, in a brand-safe environment, while reducing Accordant’s advertisers’ CPAs by as much as 25%.

Bizo, another AppNexus partner, wanted to maximize the reach of certain clients’ messages, targeting audiences in as many brand safe environments as possible. The Facebook Exchange delivered once again, with a 30% increase in audience reach while maintaining key metrics such as impression to conversion rates.

Based on these strong early results, there is no doubt in my mind that the Facebook Exchange will open new doors for many of our clients. Retargeting techniques that they have honed on standard display inventory can now reach even greater scale in Facebook’s high-reach, high-engagement environment. Dynamic optimization based on real-time performance indicators can now be used across the entire display portfolio. All of this and more is possible by managing standard display buys that extend to Facebook on a common RTB platform.

I am gratified that our partners and their clients are reaping such significant returns on their inaugural Facebook Exchange campaigns, and I’m eager to watch that promise unfold as the program scales.

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