Day 5: AdXcel Analytics App

Today we are featuring the second of AdXcel’s two apps: the AdXcel Analytics App.  The Analytics App is designed to work with interactive ad units created in the AdXcel  Studio App giving you detailed analytics on ad performance and insight on the creative elements that impact results so you can optimize your campaigns.

To review user engagement with the AdXcel Analytics App follow the steps below:

  1. Start AdXcel Analytics App and login into sample analytics account or your own account
  2. Select campaign, ad unit, variation and component (for multi-component formats)
  3. Select time period you want to see user engagement
  4. Review overall impression and engagement numbers
  5. Review video activities such as complete or half video views
  6. Review engagement heat map
  7. Review location based view

Evaluate ad performance in real-time, and use the AdXcel Studio App to easily adjust your creative as needed to maximize results.  The Analytics App tree structure lets you quickly switch from campaign-level analytics to a deep dive on how each ad variation or ad component is contributing to an ad’s performance.  In addition, for reporting on impressions, clicks, etc., the Analytics App has advanced capabilities that let you see – in real-time – the sequence of user engagement with your ads.  Using heat map visualizations, you can see how quickly users interact, how many times they interact, and where the interactions occur within the ad.

This post is part of our series 30 Apps in 30 Days.

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