Day 4: AdXcel Studio App

AdXcel decided to launch not 1 but 2 new apps in the AppNexus App Marketplace!  In this post we highlight AdXcel’s Studio App.  The Studio App is a dynamic optimization and creative authoring and editing platform that combines rich-media functionality with a data-aware SmartAd™ message server to target and optimize exactly the right content for each ad impression.

To create an ad unit in Adxcel’s Studio App, follow the steps below:

  1. Start the Adxcel Studio App
  2. Select the ad format such as Rising Star Pushdown or 300x250 in Create New Ad tab
    Note: alternatively you can select and edit  one of the already created templates
  3. Apply static assets such as images, animations, video and fonts
  4. Add interactive applications such as feeds, slide shows, maps, polls and forms
  5. Connect the unit to Adxcel Analytics App and Action Trackers
  6. Publish the ad into AppNexus Creative Manager

The Adxcel Studio App supports creating the latest ad formats including IAB Rising Star formats in multiple variations that can be targeted and optimized providing true multivariate testing in a single ad unit.  Content is assembled in real-time and served dynamically so that a single ad format (ad tag) is rendered in multiple variations, based on business rules, behaviors and data.  Optimization algorithms help to ensure optimal campaign performance by delivering the best performing ad content to your audience.  The intuitive, self-service interface, library of IAB-compliant ad formats and application modules make it easy to create engaging, interactive and relevant ads in minutes, not hours.

Finally, Adxcel’s Studio App is designed to work together with their other offering, AdXcel’s Analytics App, to provide deep insight on how each creative element works for a given campaign.  We’ll be featuring the Analytics App tomorrow so stay tuned.

This post is part of our series 30 Apps in 30 Days.

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