Day 2: AdExtent Dynamic Ads App

Day 2 of 30 apps in 30 days is focuses on an app that launched in February this year: AdExtent’s Dynamic Ads App.  AdExtent’s personalized retargeting app enables media buyers on AppNexus to create dynamic creatives, setup and manage sophisticated retargeting campaigns using AppNexus Console.

To create personalized retargeting campaigns using the Dynamic Ads App follow these 3 steps:

  1. Choose your preferred ad template from a number of professionally looking designs that are available in the app, or alternatively upload your own design.
  2. Import product information by entering a single product URL and selecting the appropriate product fields that should be included in your ad.
  3. Embed our single pixel across the site and the application will continuously analyze users' activity to dynamically determine the most relevant product to show to each user.

The Dynamic Ads App is a self-service solution with a simple process for automatically creating dynamic ads for every product on a site that has multiple products or services. No IT involvement is needed.  The app has built-in product recommendation technology and sophisticated controls to ensure that the right product is shown on every impression.  AdExtent’s App is fully integrated with AppNexus Console to streamline campaign setup, management, and reporting.

This post is part of our series 30 Apps in 30 Days.

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