Day 10: BlueKai Audience Creator App

Today we are highlighting BlueKai’s Audience Creator App.  The Audience Creator App leverages the power of the BlueKai ExchangeTM, the world’s largest aggregate marketplace of high-performing Intent data.  BlueKai’s App lets you define, create and reach your target audience using data from this large, sophisticated data exchange which includes premium branded data providers.

To build an audience segment with BlueKai’s app, follow the steps below:


  1. Search for a desired attribute in the search bar at the top of the app widget, or use the build in the taxonomy tree.
  2. After you have located a specific attribute, add it to your Audience Builder by clicking on the check-box next to the category.
  3. You can add multiple categories to an individual segment and these categories will have an ‘AND’ relationship by default.
  4. Alternatively you can create complex audiences by adjusting the Boolean logic with multiple segments using ‘OR’ or ‘NOT’ capabilities in the Segment Builder.
  5. Combined Reach will up-date after you have selected the category so you will know how many unique users are in your created segment.
  6. After you have completed defining your segments, apply your audience to a campaign from AppNexus Console’s Campaign Manager.

The Audience Creator App provides access to over 300 MM unique users across multiple countries that are intuitively classified and centralized in a single platform allowing you to define and create your exact target audience.  Audience data is deduplicated so you never hit the same user twice.  You can also set “data freshness” to determine how recently your users were tagged to accurately forecast reach. Finally, you can take action on your audience segments to reach users by applying your custom segments to any media campaign.  Through BlueKai’s App, you gain comprehensive data management, acquisition and analytics to maximize performance using valuable audience data.

This post is part of our series 30 Apps in 30 Days.

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