Day 1: adacado RA App

Today’s “app of the day” is adacado’s RA App.  As our own Ari Paparo demoed during the AppNexus Summit San Francisco 2012, this app provides users with easy dynamic creative retargeting through simple ad creation controls.  It’s simple and visual, offering lots of flexibility and control for creating ad layouts and analyzing creative performance.

Using the adacado app is easy:

  1. Choose a template set. Each contains IAB ad formats (you don't need to use them all). You can also choose or upload assets, such as logos, to be used across ads.
  2. Enter the site URL then visually map information from the webpage to the template's asset slots using the Data Mapper tool.
  3. Preview created ads! You can easily reposition and resize any ad element if needed. When done, adacado can help with the final actions for taking the campaign live.

adacado’s App gets you started quickly with dynamic creative-based retargeting. adacado RA App combines powerful dynamic creative capability with retargeting to create highly personalized ads. Ads are dynamically customized for each viewer by auto-optimizing multiple products, such as last-viewed and others from the same category. You get all the basics you need from the full-featured adacado platform: the ability to run multiple campaigns, your choice of ad layouts including repositioning and resizing ability, patent-pending ad decisioning, and ad performance tracking via detailed reporting.

This post is part of our series 30 Apps in 30 Days.

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