AppNexus Apps, Just in Time for Summer

The AppNexus team is attending the IAB Ad Tech Marketplace event and trying to avoid the 95 degree (Fahrenheit) swelter that is New York City. To celebrate the heat wave and welcome in summer, we're happy to announce another six AppNexus Apps as well as a bunch of upgrades to previously released apps. As with all AppNexus Apps, these are available to all Console customers from the Apps Marketplace with a one click install.

Here are the latest and greatest apps:

AppNexus Labs Campaign Doctor App (see our last blog post) is an intelligent tool to evaluate why your campaigns may be under-delivering. It gives you plain-English suggestions for improving performance and helps identify common pitfalls.

AdSurance Discrepancy Monitor App shows a dashboard of discrepancies with other ad servers along with alerts when hitting thresholds.

Aggregate Knowledge Media Intelligence Platform App lets you easily add their pixels to any AppNexus campaign, giving you amazing insights into cross-channel performance.

eXelate Modeled Audience Extension App lets you use the power of lookalike modeling to extend your campaign's performance.

FlxOne FlxAds App is a powerful dynamic creative tool that gives you deep creative control combined with automated product feeds.

Pixalate A360 App lets you create analytics tags directly from the Console interface.

So pour yourself some iced tea, turn up the air conditioning and check out some of the newest apps. For more information on AppNexus Apps go to

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