Display Advertising 101: Visit Our Wiki

Online advertising can be overwhelming to newcomers. Not only is it full of jargon (CPM, impression, guaranteed buy), but this jargon is inconsistent (pixel, tracker, beacon) and evolving (DSP, premnant, RTB). There are complex business models and relationships (SSPs, DSPs, platforms, ad servers, networks, exchanges) that sit on an undercarriage of web technology (ad calls, JavaScript, Flash, timeouts).

Don’t panic. The fundamentals of the industry are less complicated than they appear, and we’d like to help you get oriented with our new publicly available Industry Reference Wiki. One of AppNexus’ main goals is a healthy ecosystem, where many companies have many great ideas that together push this industry forward, but you can’t have great ideas until you get the basics down.

To facilitate that, we started with a glossary to nail those terms you see above. You might also be interested in a primer on ad serving, or an article on a free tool that shows you the calls your browser makes as you travel the Internet. Our Industry Reference wiki is not yet comprehensive, and we will be adding to it as we go. We’d also like input on what else you want to know, what’s helpful and what isn’t. Leave a comment on one of the wiki pages, or email me at

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