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Deals that work exactly as advertised.

Quickly procure special access to valuable inventory and data from sellers you trust.

Negotiate deals in a matter of minutes.

Find sellers capable of achieving your every campaign goal. With AppNexus, you can either convert pre-packaged inventory and data into a deal instantly, or contact sellers directly and reach a customized deal that works for everyone, within minutes — not days.

Run your deal campaigns with zero hassle.

One-click deal targeting makes it easy to link a deal to a campaign, and bidding recommendations set you up for success. AppNexus ensures every setting of your deal campaign performs just like it was meant to, from start date to finish.

Rest assured that everything is working as expected.

AppNexus provides a full suite of monitoring tools that provide timely insight into the performance and impact of your deal campaigns. In addition to robust reporting tools for individual campaigns targeting deals, you can understand how your deal is faring across multiple campaigns using tools like Health Check, which track your bids on a deal versus total deal impressions seen, every five minutes.

Access name-brand sellers with global reach.

Whether you’re looking to serve impressions throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, or elsewhere, AppNexus gives you access to some of the largest names in sell-side publishing. It’s safe to say more than a few of these names will resonate with your brand—and across your audience segments: blue chip giants like Microsoft, Schibsted, Fairfax, Audience Square, and Interactive Media.

Products with DEALS Capabilities

AppNexus Programmable DSP

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