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AppNexusfor Agencies & Advertisers


AppNexus empowers agencies and advertisers to achieve consistently superior results in their digital advertising.


AppNexus is a technology company, not a media business. We offer agencies and advertisers complete transparency and control over campaigns, pricing, data, and algorithms. 


AppNexus connects brands with consumers over 30 billion times each day, allowing agencies and advertisers to tell their story in uniquely targeted and innovative ways. 

Products for Agencies / Advertisers

AppNexus Programmable DSP

The AppNexus Programmable DSP is a revolutionary data science platform that helps you achieve unprecedented marketing performance. Use it to maximize campaign efficiency, accelerate time-to-market, and amplify return on your digital investments. 

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Optimize portfolio performance across the full marketing funnel.

Boost marketing performance to move from awareness to conversions with our market-leading set of advanced, transparent, flexible, and easy-to-use performance optimization tools. Solutions include pre-built algorithms, flexible streaming data, liquid marketplace, and the AppNexus Programmable Bidder.

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Put any and all sources of data to work—including your own.

Increase media buying insights and optimization agility with open real-time data streams. AppNexus offers comprehensive data solutions and a fully open data return path, letting you bring your own unique data assets into play on our platform. Enjoy an unparalleled breadth of insights that add measurable value to the customer lifecycle. Solutions include: data ingestion, streaming data, instant audience, and data clearing.

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Buy brand-safe media that’s also quantifiably viewable.

With AppNexus, you never have to pay for digital impressions that aren’t demonstrably viewable to a desired audience in the desired context to drive desired – and reliable – marketing results. Solutions include invalid traffic filtering, domain detection, viewability, and the only open viewable marketplace.

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Leverage real-time analytics for fast, actionable insights.

Drive better programmatic outcomes—and maximize your marketing insights—with our real-time, industry-leading toolset. Features of our toolset include: Trader Home, Visual Success, Collaboration tools, Third-Party Adserver Data, Simple Campaign Entry, and Forecasting.

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Cost-effective access to the industry’s largest pools of omnichannel inventory.

Advertise to your audience – no matter what device they use – from a single platform that has the global scale and technology to power fully integrated omnichannel planning, buying, and optimization both in- and outside the “walled garden” providers. Solutions include: display, video, native, buying currencies, and transaction methods.

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Open, extensible, customizable technology like no other.

AppNexus’ programmable platform puts you in real-time control of your advertising options, letting you differentiate when it matters, and standardize when it doesn’t matter. Our platform is built on APIs that give buyers demonstrable competitive advantages without the cost and uncertainty of building out their own tech stacks. Solutions include the AppNexus Programmable platform and our open APIs.

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Scale and differentiate with AppNexus training, innovation, and services.

Our comprehensive, multifaceted services and education hub ensures your team has the right level of support to achieve their marketing objectives. Our advanced data science services let your programmatic buying operation execute at the speed of your brand. Solutions include: train and trade, customer education offerings, and AppNexus Summit.

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AppNexus powers our worldwide programmatic strategy allowing us to efficiently reach customers with our best offers.

Sébastien Thomas

Programmatic Manager, Air France

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AppNexus helps brands connect with consumers one-on-one. We empower agencies, advertisers, and trading desks with a uniquely powerful, personal, and programmable approach to high-performance marketing. Ready to get started?

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