AppNexus for Ad Tech Companies

Your Video Audience, Delivered.

Introducing a platform that evolves video buying into an applied science. AppNexus Video brings you the reach and transparency you need to target greater numbers of ever-more relevant viewers — and achieve exponentially higher user match rates. You also get predictable pricing across display and video at a competitive cost compared to pure-play video solutions, as well as access to diverse inventory sources across desktop, mobile, and tablet.


Improve your video audience reach by 10x.

Marketers expect their messages to be seen. With billions of impressions flowing through the AppNexus platform at any given instant, it’s easier to match your video ads with the right, relevant audience — and raise your match rates tenfold. Buyers can also expect higher match rates with nearly all major data and supply sources. Our platform creates more than impressions: It makes matches.

Get more for your media budget.

Reaching the right prospect at the right place at the right time has always been the end goal… until now. You can also reach prospects for the right price. Using AppNexus for video buying ensures total transparency — and lower take rates. Which means you can spend your money buying media, and spend less time bargaining.

Create greater ad liquidity using AppNexus’s scale.

100+ billion impressions per day… 5 million queries per second... 8,489 global servers and counting. AppNexus’ global scale gives you the ease of knowing your videos can reach the audiences you care about. You also get the reassurance of predictable pricing across your media buy.

Enjoy our open playing field.

Get high-quality video inventory across the open exchange, private exchange (coming Q4), and support for directly sourced inventory. Our autonomy, reach, and scale enable us to take advantage of open doors to provide fresh opportunities for your creative campaigns.

Build on top of our open platform.

Our video capability is built using the same technology that buyers around the world rely on for display and mobile: Deals are seamless. Onboarding and activating data for targeting is simple, and proprietary inventory quality tools ensure that brand messages are delivered safely in high-quality environments. 

Products with Video Capabilities

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