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Accelerate Innovation

AppNexus provides the foundational tech elements of digital advertising so advertising technology companies, including ad networks, third-party providers, and other intermediaries can devote their resources to areas of true differentiation, enabling them to scale their businesses rapidly.

Differentiate with an Open Platform

Because the AppNexus platform is open, it provides endless possibilities for clients to customize their offering and differentiate themselves in the market. Whether you require optimization and bidding strategies, user valuation and modeling, dynamic creatives, media packaging, or workflow automation — our platform provides you with a best-in-class programmatic solution.

Leverage a Holistic Ecosystem

The AppNexus platform brings a variety of advertising technology buyers, sellers, and technology providers closer together for increased liquidity and cost efficiencies across direct, deals, RTB, mediation, and performance-based transactions in display, mobile, video, and native formats.

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AppNexus Console Ad Serving and Campaign Management

AppNexus’ ad servers are built to support buy-side and sell-side workflows across display, mobile, video and native ads. All ad serving needs are consolidated onto one platform, giving publishers a single point of contact for campaign management.

Targeting and Optimization

AppNexus offers best-in-class targeting and optimization for matching the right ad with the right user, while providing the flexibility to meet advertiser or publisher revenue goals. In addition to our out-of-the-box optimization solution, clients can leverage the AppNexus Programmable Bidder to upload their proprietary algorithms to the AppNexus marketplace and optimize campaigns.

Third-Party Integrations

AppNexus is an open platform that encourages third-party app development. Apps are the foundation of innovation on the platform, so as the technology market evolves, AppNexus continues to offer new features that make the platform easier to use and a better place to do business. Our third-party integrations extend the platform’s functionality giving you access to specialized data and app providers to boost campaign performance.

Inventory and Ad Quality

AppNexus believes that a quality marketplace is one way to create a better Internet. Through transparent policies, products and protection, AppNexus offers clients as much control as possible and fosters market-based incentives that rewards quality sellers.

Open APIs and Customization

AppNexus has an extensible technology stack with open APIs that’s designed for creative, value-enhancing integrations executed through an efficient, enterprise-like software development process. The platform is professionally produced and well-documented, supported by a large group of global developers.

Cross-Device Targeting

Buyers can differentiate how and on which devices their audience members are viewing ads through AppNexus’ cross-device mapping technology. It lets them tailor their advertising strategies across platforms and sellers to better optimize the monetization of their content.

Products for Ad Tech Companies

AppNexus Console

AppNexus Console helps advertising technology companies reduce the amount of time and expensive technology required to trade programmatically through specialized infrastructure, tools and expertise.

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AppNexus Cloud helps advertising technology companies stand out from the crowd to generate more business through highly differentiated offerings.

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AppNexus Services help advertising technology companies reduce risk and complexity through custom training and technology and financial solutions.

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