Our technology platform simplifies the most sophisticated machine learning and data science capabilities so our customers can power their full potential.

What does this mean? It means that digital advertising becomes more predictive and intelligent, connecting billions of impressions to internet users in real-time. It means that content creators can monetize all sources of inventory today, and productize new offerings for revenue streams in the future. It means complete flexibility to start simple and small, yet scale and innovate without limits. And it means, with our open and independent philosophy, you’ll have a trusted partner providing solutions aligned to your best interests, and at a transparent and low cost.

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Technology @ Internet Scale

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Immense Scale

Transacting a peak of 10B daily impressions, we handle more traffic everyday than Visa, Nasdaq, and the NYSE, combined.

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Technology First

With over 400 technologists at the helm, we're innovating and investing in R&D at a speed that leaves others breathless.

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Development Velocity

During a six-month span in 2016, we shipped out 50 new features and 5,225 platform releases...with more to come.

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Hybrid Choice

Flexible options to leverage out-of-the box solutions and/or custom build advanced decision logic and solution extensions.


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