Media iQ Partners with AppNexus to Grow Programmatic Advertising Business over 100%

Media iQ leverages AppNexus’ open platform to build custom solutions

Press Release

AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, and Media iQ, the leading global analytics and technology company, today announced results of their ongoing commercial partnership. Over seven years, Media iQ has built bespoke products on AppNexus’ open platform, delivering differentiated and powerful data insights for their advertiser clients, while growing its programmatic advertising business by over 100% and producing $250 million in revenue. As AppNexus doubles down on its investments in machine learning technology to benefit marketers and agencies, Media iQ continues to co-innovate and raise the bar in activating data-driven campaigns for its clients.  

“AppNexus is deeply committed to helping marketers and their technology partners achieve the same performance and efficiency on the open internet that they currently enjoy through closed internet platforms like Facebook,” said Brian O’Kelley, CEO of AppNexus. “Pioneers like Media iQ have harnessed our technology platform to build tools that align with their clients’ goals and deliver sophisticated campaigns at scale that grow smarter over time.” 

As an early adopter of AppNexus’ technology, Media iQ built the framework of its insight and analytics platform, AiQ, by creating proprietary custom predictive models and uploading them directly to the AppNexus platform. By leveraging AppNexus’ real-time data functionality to deliver granular and actionable data insights, Media iQ powers its ad buying offering by uploading and activating audience targeting segments quickly and at scale. 

“AppNexus’ open platform enables cost-effective innovation at scale – we could not have developed our business and seen the success we have in the market without the extent of differentiation that AppNexus’ platform allowed us,” said Gurman Hundal, CEO of Media iQ. “AppNexus has truly built a business on which we can in turn build and scale our business, and we are extremely excited to grow alongside their team.”

The announcement comes on the heels of Media iQ’s recent investment from ECI Partners, which will see the company continue its rapid growth through a strategy of diversification into new regions as well as through further investment into product development, leveraging AppNexus’ global infrastructure.

“AppNexus and Media iQ are both sophisticated technology companies with a shared commitment to transforming programmatic buying in a way that empowers marketers and agencies,” continued O’Kelley. “I am excited to see what innovation our partnership will produce in the near future.”



AppNexus is an internet technology company that enables and optimizes the real-time sale and purchase of digital advertising. Our powerful, real-time decisioning platform supports core products that enable publishers to maximize yield; and marketers and agencies to harness data and machine learning to deliver intelligent and customized campaigns. For more information, follow us at @AppNexus or visit us at



Media iQ is a leading global analytics technology company that uses its superior analytical platform AiQ to unlock insights from data to drive business growth. AiQ collects, stores and processes over one trillion data points per day, providing customers with valuable insights.

Media iQ has a clear vision for clients – to inspire through insights. Its expertise is ingesting large amounts of data, modelling data to convert into insights and then actioning these insights through a variety of products and services. In short, Media iQ makes data valuable, insightful, and intelligent, which helps clients engage customers, grow sales and unlock new revenue opportunities. 

Founded in 2010, Media iQ has more than 400 staff in 12 offices globally, serves more than 650 clients, and enjoys a 92% client retention rate globally. Headquartered in the UK, it has offices across North America, Europe and Asia.