AppNexus Launches PreBid Enterprise, an Exchange Management System Powered by Prebid.js

- Company doubles down on header bidding strategy with expanded services offering -

Press Release

AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, today announced the launch of PreBid Enterprise, a comprehensive header bidding solution with services. The newly introduced system includes open source wrapper technology powered by prebid.js, integrations with demand sources including the AppNexus SSP, services, and analytics to give publishers all the tools they need to monetize their inventory with transparency, flexibility, and control.

“When we developed our open source wrapper—Prebid.js—our aim was to help publishers realize the best market price for their inventory by enabling them to work directly with multiple demand partners, sell inventory in a fair and transparent auction, and avoid the ‘Google AdX tax’,” said Pat McCarthy, SVP Product, AppNexus. “Now, we have expanded our offering to include services that better support publishers’ individual needs and drive more efficient management of reporting, analytics and insights. With PreBid Enterprise, publishers get the transparency of a free and open source technology solution with the option to work with a team of experts trained to help drive business goals and provide ongoing support.”

Header bidding is rapidly gaining scale as the new standard for publisher monetization. For publishers who are unable to migrate their ad serving off Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), header bidding opens up pipelines to additional demand sources that compete for every impression, allowing publishers to earn what their inventory is truly worth. Using prebid.js, publishers can integrate and manage multiple header bidding partners without adding latency or impacting user experience.

Since AppNexus launched its Prebid.js header bidding solution one year ago, more than 200 publishers representing more than 10,000 websites have adopted it, and most of those publishers are leveraging the AppNexus SSP as a header bidding demand source. The Prebid.js open source project now has over 1,500 active community members, including many leading SSPs and publishers.

“Having worked with multiple header bidding partners, we knew we’d be able to improve our yields by adding new partners, but even then, we were very impressed by actual results,” said Carrie Atwood, Programmatic Partnership Manager at InfoSpace, the owner and operator of several popular websites including HowStuffWorks. “AppNexus has reinforced their expertise as an end-to-end header bidding partner by contributing to our monetization efforts, resulting in nearly double our CPMs over other demand sources and lifting our header bidder fill rates by almost 50%.”

PreBid Enterprise’s expanded services include a dedicated team of engineers, implementation consultants, account managers and monetization experts; customizable services engagement options; and on-going support and additional resources, including an emergency ticketing system available 24 hours a day. Additional features allow publishers to manage header bidding configurations with analytics and reporting integrations and access insights into bid dynamics, latency, performance and other key parameters.



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