AppNexus Launches Headerbid Expert, A Chrome Browser Extension That Helps Publishers Earn More with Header Bidding

New technology enables publishers to analyze header bidding wrappers and demand partner performance to maximize yield and negate latency. Headerbid Expert harnesses Chrome browser to create new transparency and efficiency for publishers -

Press Release

NEW YORK, -- AppNexus, the world's leading independent ad tech company, today announced the launch of Headerbid Expert, a plugin that enables publishers to maximize the monetization of their digital inventory and prevent latency while conducting header bidding auctions. Now available in the Chrome Web Store, the tool allows publishers to evaluate header bidding wrappers by monitoring latency and ensure header bidding code is asynchronous and has consistent timeouts. By using Headerbid Expert, publishers can address some of the most common challenges associated with header bidding and thereby access multiple demand sources directly and efficiently.

"Headerbid Expert is a vital tool that accelerates the operational efficiency and increased revenue of header bidding for publishers," said Ryan Christensen, SVP & GM, Publisher Technology Group, AppNexus. "The combination of direct access to top programmatic bidders and the ability to manage and negate latency puts publishers back in control of their businesses."

Header bidding allows publishers to achieve maximum monetization for their inventory by running auctions directly on the publisher's page. Also known as "pre-bid," the process offers an alternative to traditionally inefficient waterfall setups and DFP's closed Dynamic Allocation feature, which allows Google's AdX, but no other exchange, to see and bid on every impression. Through header bidding, publishers enjoy direct access to all demand sources equally. As header bidding grows in popularity, publishers need a tool to help establish optimal header bidding setups specific to their pages. With Headerbid Expert, they gain visibility into each demand partner's load time at the impression-level to compare different wrappers, identify any bidding partners causing impression loss, and ensure maximum yield.

"For publishers who are unable to migrate their ad serving off DFP, header bidding opens up pipelines to additional demand sources and allows publishers to earn what their inventory is truly worth," said Tom Shields, SVP Publisher Strategy, AppNexus. "By using Headerbid Expert, they can monitor and manage this process with ease and efficiency.  Today's launch is one more building block of AppNexus' mission to build a better Internet."


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