AppNexus Announces Launch of PriceCheck™, Header Bidding for Mobile Apps

- New technology enables mobile publishers to increase revenue through more holistic, integrated auctions -

Press Release

AppNexus, New York, --AppNexus, the world's leading independent ad tech company, today announced the launch of PriceCheck™, a solution like header bidding that empowers mobile app developers to maximize their yield through a transparent, multi-bid auction of their advertising inventory. As mobile programmatic advertising budgets continue to grow— eMarketer predicts that mobile spend will surpass $15 billion in 2016 and soon surpass traditional display—publishers can improve yield with a solution that offers real-time transparency and low take rates. In contrast to closed platforms that practice high-latency mediation such as DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) and MoPub, AppNexus’ PriceCheck™ technology simultaneously allows hundreds of Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and ad networks to bid on an impression. App developers gain real-time transparency into the value of each ad impression and control over whether or not to accept these bids. 

"The most important step mobile publishers can take to improve the monetization of their inventory is to know what it’s worth," said Ryan Christensen, SVP & GM, Publishers, AppNexus. "PriceCheck™, which provides impression-level price transparency, helps publishers drive demand density and increase yield. It’s the end of the black box for mobile advertising yield management." 

PriceCheck™, which is now generally available for banner, video and interstitial ad units, is an efficient and lightweight alternative to Software Development Kits (SDKs), the current mobile monetization standard. While SDKs send most impressions to ad networks without knowledge of how much an impression is worth to that network, PriceCheck™ more efficiently allocates inventory to the advertiser willing to pay the most. 

Unlike an SDK, the streamlined PriceCheck™ module is designed to allow app developers to install the solution in just a few minutes by eliminating code that is duplicative with the existing ad SDK’s API to send ad requests and pass results. 

PriceCheck™ also offers the added benefit of displaying ads with virtually zero latency, dramatically improving the end user experience. As an alternative to ad network mediation, the module and APIs allow developers to pre-load ads in the background of the app. As a result, the ads do not have to wait for the impression to pass down a waterfall and are served more immediately.

“AppNexus exists to build a better Internet, and nothing satisfies that mission more than helping mobile developers to monetize their innovative products,” said Arel Lidow, VP of Product Management at AppNexus. “Now we’re extending the success we’ve seen with desktop header bidding so that mobile app developers who traditionally needed complex and costly waterfall solutions to monetize their inventory have a powerful new solution.”



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