The AppNexus Industry Reference

We AppNexians talk a lot about making the Internet a better place. To us, that means:



who are able to generate revenue successfully from the sale of ad space



who are able to reach consumers with relevant ads about products and services



who are able to learn about products and services that enhance their lives

Industry Reference
Your guide to ad technology
Introducing the AppNexus Industry Reference

We believe that timely, accurate, and unbiased resources about the ad tech industry are an important part of that equation. “Learn and teach” is a core value at AppNexus, and our Industry Reference is a practical resource meant to teach you some of what we’ve learned over the years about online advertising and ad technology. The Industry Reference is for anyone who wants to know more about the advertising that powers the Internet, including:

  • Advertising Veterans who have expertise in traditional advertising but are unfamiliar with the world of online advertising

  • Advertising Newcomers who will make up the next generation of industry insiders but lack knowledge about both traditional advertising and online ad tech in the present day 

  • Consumers who depend on the Internet for access to information, products, and services but lack knowledge about what’s going on under the hood