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Surfacing the Metrics That Matter Most

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Megan Arend

"How are they doing?"

If you manage advertising initiatives on AppNexus or any other platform, you probably answer that question at least once per day. Often the question is self-imposed -- a regular part of your trading routine and something you check in on daily. In other cases, it might be asked by your stakeholders -- management, sales, agencies, the advertiser, anyone who has an interest in the outcome of your campaign. In both cases, you need an answer fast and, ideally, with some indication of trend.

We've learned from talking with customers that answering this question can be challenging. Existing tools are helpful (static in-screen metrics, automated reports, reporting templates, etc.), however we keep hearing two key pieces of feedback from customers:

  • Traders need an easier way to monitor the metrics that matter.
  • Traders want more visibility into the optimization backend -- particularly on Augmented Line Items, in which optimization and setup are streamlined.

Introducing the Analytics tab

In response to this feedback, we built a new Analytics tab with a few goals in mind:

  • Give traders more insight into the metrics they care about most
  • Let traders access insights in the same place they manage settings
  • Focus on data that will help traders respond to problems or communicate key information to stakeholders

On the Augmented Line Item Settings view, a second tab called Analytics will show up. Within the Analytics tab, users will see:

  • Four metrics relevant to the line item setup, chosen based on your goal, revenue type, and payment model. To eliminate distractions and help you hone in on the metrics that matter, cards are generated dynamically for each line item.
  • delivery chart displaying target spend in comparison to actual.
  • performance graph custom to the line item goal.
  • If using click optimization, a list of inventory that has been failed by Discovery for poor performance. Discovery is a new optimization component that helps line items meet their goals as quickly as possible. It starts out on inventory that is already known to perform and quickly cuts inventory that doesn’t meet the goal.

Metrics are displayed in the Advertiser currency, and reporting ranges are reflected in the Advertiser time zone. Users will also have the option to select from three reporting intervals: Today, Current Flight, or Lifetime.

Release timeline

We will be releasing this feature to all AppNexus Programmable Platform clients the first week in April. Watch our Release Notes page for the specific date.

In addition, this feature is part of a larger suite of tools that we plan to provide for more visibility into advertising initiatives, and to help traders zero in on the signals and insights that matter. More to come!