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Supply Targeting Enhancements

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Rezwan Khan

A programmatic buyer today can buy from any of the following sources of supply:

  • Private Marketplace Deals
  • Open Exchange
  • Directly Sourced / Managed Supply

There are often sophisticated requirements on how the various sources of supply should be combined, driven either by business considerations or optimization reasons. For example, we’ve seen many clients seek to buy from both open-exchange supply sources and a set of deals they had curated for a particular advertiser. To achieve that today, traders would have to set up multiple line items, which is operationally inefficient and can lead to difficulty with optimization.

But no more!

Starting May 10th, we are going to release a way for buyers to combine any supply source targeting they want within one Augmented Line Item (ALI). We are calling this new feature “Supply Strategy.”

How Will It Work?

When you create an ALI, you’ll be presented with the choice to select any of the three inventory sources we mentioned above:

If you select “Deals,” you’ll then be prompted to choose either a specific set of deals or simply to target all deals.

What Does It Unlock?

You as a buyer would be able to now setup targeting in ALI to achieve the following new options:

1. Managed & included Deals

Target managed inventory and a set of deals in one line-item.

2. Managed & excluded Deals

Target managed inventory and all deals which you have permission to access via your seat, except a set of deals.

3. Open Exchange & included Deals

Target open exchange inventory and a set of deals in one line-item.

4. Open Exchange, Managed & included Deals

Target open exchange inventory, managed inventory and a set of deals in one line-item.

In addition, you will be able to retain the following targeting options, that already exists today in Augmented Line Items:

  • Only managed
  • Only open exchange
  • Only deals (include or excludes)
  • Managed + Open Exchange
  • Managed + Open Exchange + exclude Deals
  • Open Exchange + excluded Deals


We believe Supply Strategy will make it more intuitive to setup sophisticated targeting strategies within the ALI, by lowering operation cost of setting up multiple line-items.