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How Scibids Used APP to Build a 71% More Efficient Custom Video Buying Algorithm

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The AppNexus Team

Scibids AppNexus case study

With the AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP), our goal is to give traders a DSP that can reliably hit their KPI goals while also enabling them to target the exact audiences they want to reach. Machine learning algorithms handle the performance side, while Programmable Splits – our intuitive, one-screen targeting interface – gives traders granular control over who they serve ads to.

But while Splits are sufficient for most buyers, others opt to build custom buying algorithms on top of the AppNexus platform to carry out highly-complex bidding strategies. The AppNexus Programmable Bidder (APB) is the tool that makes that possible. APB lets buyers decide how much they bid on certain audiences using a decision tree-based coding language called Bonsai. Read on to learn how one ad tech provider used APB to build a customized, better-performing video buying platform for the open internet. 

The Challenge 

Scibids is a high-end ad tech provider that uses APB to build custom bidding models for brands. One online retailer client approached Scibids seeking a new solution for buying digital video ad. The retailer had recently run a test campaign on YouTube, and while the results were solid, they wanted to see if they could get even better results on the open internet. The retailer needed access to a marketplace where they could buy premium inventory, along with brand safety tools to ensure their ads would only appear next to content they were comfortable with.

The Solution

Scibids used APB to build highly-sophisticated video buying algorithms that plug into the AppNexus Video Marketplace. Our direct relationships with top video publishers around the world gave the retailer access to premium inventory at scale with a low fraud risk. Plus, our brand safety controls made it easy for them to control the digital contexts their ads would show up in. All in all, the APB video campaign Scibids ran reduced cost per qualified visitor by 71% compared to YouTube, inspiring the retailer to move 30% of its YouTube budget to the AppNexus Video Marketplace. Read the full case study here to learn more!