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Pursuing Differences at the 2018 AppNexus Women’s Leadership Forum

Attendees of the 2018 Women’s Leadership Forum will hear from visionary leaders about how to make movements matter and affect long-lasting change for women. Speakers will present action-oriented strategies for leadership success, at both an individual and community level.

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The AppNexus Team

But to create a more productive and inclusive workplace and industry, we must expand our conception of diversity to one that inclusive of every current and potential employee. Indeed, some may know that women account for 35% of senior managers at businesses around the globe. But what about women of color, who make up just 5% of senior managers? Or people with a disability, of whom just 19% are employed? Or the over one million people who identify as transgender or nonbinary?

Real diversity requires organizations to seek out all kinds of people and make space for their differences – rather than perfunctorily integrating them into the existing corporate culture. By allowing a multitude of life experiences to play off one another, companies increase the breadth of skills and perspectives that shape their commercial offering.

In the second portion of our October 11th 2018 Women’s Leadership Forum, we’ll expand the typical lens of diversity to discuss how companies can actively pursue difference and harness potential through attracting, hiring and developing people from all walks of life. Throughout our four sessions, a slate of inspiring speakers will share their expertise on diversity and inclusion efforts that are making an impact and offer attendees valuable advice for creating more inclusive and welcoming workplaces.

Here’s a taste of who you’ll be hearing from during the Pursue Differences portion of the 2018 Women’s Leadership Forum:

Jim Sinocchi

Jim Sinocchi has helped JPMorgan Chase become one of the worldwide leaders in disability inclusion. In his current role as head of the bank’s Global Office of Disability Inclusion, Sinocchi works closely with senior leaders across the firm to establish consistent standards for supporting employees with disabilities and helping employees who care for disabled family members.

At WLF18, guests will learn from Sinocchi’s experience as a leader in the field of disability inclusion, as well as his own personal story as a man who sustained a spinal cord injury early in his business career. Throughout his panel, he’ll share his vision of disability as an asset and his advice for how leaders can change attitudes in their own organizations. Ultimately, guests will come away with a deeper understanding of how they can harness the potential of different abilities to achieve better outcomes.


Candice Morgan

Candice Morgan, head of Inclusion and Diversity at Pinterest has a long track record of building more diverse, more inclusive companies. Morgan previously spent nearly a decade at the women’s empowerment non-profit Catalyst, where she designed strategic talent initiatives for global firms across a range of industries. She was recently featured on Fast Company's list of Most Creative People in Business and The Root’s 100 Most Influential African-Americans of 2017.

At WLF 2018, Morgan will join Ila Eckhoff, Managing Director at BlackRock and Antoinette Hamilton, VP of D&I at AppNexus, to share specific, actionable (and sometimes radical) policies and programs for driving inclusiveness within an organization. Together, these luminaries will help attendees go beyond simply checking a box, to create real change in their companies.


Haile Owusu

Haile Owusu is Senior Vice President of Analytics, Decisions and Data Sciences at Turner Broadcasting. Haile specializes in statistical learning as applied to forecasting and has a background in theoretical physics, including a PhD from Rutgers University, a Master’s of Science from King's College, University of London and a B.A. from Yale University.

At the event, Haile will join Catherine Williams, AppNexus’ Chief Data and Marketplace Officer to explore the complex relationship between technology, data and inequality, discussing how marketers, data scientists and society should think about and address these issues.


Owen Meehan

As sales supervisor at Warby Parker, Owen Meehan helps the company’s customers, store employees and upper management communicate more effectively.

At WLF18, Meehan will give a lightning talk, titled “Beyond Man & Woman: A Look at Nonbinary Identities and Experiences.” Meehan’s presentation will demystify the gender space outside the man-woman binary through a combination of personal stories and cultural and historical context. In addition, Meehan will provide practical strategies for being more inclusive of people of all genders.


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