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Prebid Server Integrates with AMP

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The AppNexus Team

Prebid is founded in the idea that publishers should be remunerated fairly for premium content and optimal user experience. As an organization, is always on the lookout for partnerships which expand publishers’ ability to provide both.

To that end, we are releasing an integration between the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project and Prebid Server, the server-side header bidding solution available through the open source Prebid organization. The integration between Prebid Server and AMP’s new Real-Time Config (RTC) allows publishers to access header bidding demand through AMP’s Fast Fetch capability, reducing latency whilst achieving efficient monetization on the open internet.

After adjusting their AMP monetization strategy to include Prebid, one publisher saw a 6X increase in AMP revenue on one of their websites.

“The integration with Prebid, and AppNexus’ support for it, enables open publisher monetization while delivering a high-quality user experience on the web,” said Michael Richardson, Product Line Manager, AppNexus, and Chairman of

Prebid and AMP are both open source initiatives, instilling transparency and accountability into the ecosystem, while adapting solutions quickly to market needs. Prebid offers publishers a more efficient way of working with programmatic vendors, equipping them to improve their monetization strategies in an open environment. AMP’s Fast Fetch capability resolves the problem of slow-loading mobile webpages by allowing page rendering and creative selection in the ad server to happen in parallel. Through the integration, publishers can realize the same monetization benefits that Prebid Server provides, on AMP inventory that supports RTC.

“Bringing independent monetization to AMP through Prebid is a boon for both end users and publishers of the open internet,” said Vamsee Jasti, Product Manager for Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google. “As champions of open source technology, it’s vital that AMP and Prebid collaborate to shepherd innovative solutions to market faster and more effectively.”

“Publishers are constantly working to prioritize tradeoffs between revenue and user experience,” said Adam Leslie, Head of Commercial Operations,, part of dmg media alongside the MailOnline. “The improvements being made by Prebid and AMP significantly reduce the efforts we must undertake to achieve a balance of the two. We’re eager to leverage the integration across both and the MailOnline.”

The technology is available now to all publishers using Prebid Server, available through