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Performance Delivered: How APP Helped Tomorrow TTH Triple CTRs

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The AppNexus Team

AppNexus Programmable Platform results, Light Reaction Germany

Scale is one of the hardest things to achieve for a boutique programmatic agency. No matter how much expertise it may have across data science, ad buying strategy, and consumer behavior, it’ll be hard to deliver campaign results without a high volume of quality impressions.

In this regard, we consider the AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP) a great equalizer. APP enables agencies of any size to deliver programmatic success at scale through AppNexus’ integrations with the world’s most prestigious publishers and largest exchanges.

But don’t take our word for it. Read the case study below to learn how APP enabled Tomorrow TTH’s performance marketers to achieve 200% higher CTRs and 30% lower CPAs for its clients.

The Challenge

Tomorrow TTH is one of London’s fastest-growing performance marketing agencies. Through its custom Adgnosis technology stack, the firm delivers high-performing programmatic campaigns for an international client base that includes Amazon and Greenpeace. However, Tomorrow TTH realized that its legacy DSP did not provide the necessary scale to consistently meet its performance goals and came to AppNexus for a solution.

In addition to scale, Tomorrow TTH needed a platform with reliable brand safety guard rails and robust analytics.

The Solution

APP ticked all the boxes. With billions of impressions coming across our platform every day, AppNexus enabled Tomorrow TTH to apply its technical expertise at scale and run highly-personalized campaigns across formats like display, video, social, and native. Beyond access to new inventory and increased quality impressions, APP provided Tomorrow TTH greater transparency – the agency could now audit its supply chain, see what kinds of fees each of its vendors was collecting, and make more informed decisions about where to put its budget. And thanks to our built-in brand safety controls backed up by human auditing, Tomorrow TTH could rest easy knowing its clients’ ads wouldn’t appear next to damaging or low-quality content.

The Results

Tomorrow TTH’s migration to APP was immediately successful. Within six weeks, the firm improved its overall CTRs by over 200% and lowered CPA by 30%. Read the full case study here to learn more.