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Introducing APP Check-ins

Throughout the AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP) open beta, we’re actively monitoring usage of the product. As part of this effort, we’re introducing single-question “check-ins” in the UI to understand whether or not traders are happy with the product and if they’re achieving their objectives.

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Zack Kwartler

Why? In short, we want to make sure traders are happy and successful with APP, and if not, find out why so that we can make the product better.

What you'll see in the UI

After you’ve created your first Augmented Line Item (ALI) during open beta, you’ll periodically receive a short message in the UI:

Check-in 1

We’ll also check in again at the completion of a Seamless Insertion Order (SIO) billing period that uses ALIs with a different message:

Check-in 2

Thank you for the feedback!
Influencing our product has never been more simple, just click on a response and the message disappears. Responding to these check-ins gives you a chance to influence the development of APP and getting more responses makes our sampling more accurate.

If you have any additional feedback you’d like to share with us, let your account team know or ping us in the #product-ideas channel of the AppNexus Traders Slack group.

Thanks in advance for your participation in this initiative!