If You Have Power, Use it for the Good: Going Backstage at the 2018 Women’s Leadership Forum

"If you are a corporation, a person or an organization and you are not involved, it’s like being an individual and not bothering to vote. You have power? Use it for the good." - Susan N. Herman, President, ACLU

Blog Post
Aimee Moyer

The fourth annual Women’s Leadership Forum at AppNexus was a day filled with important conversations and action-oriented advice around the issues of diversity and inclusion. 

Throughout the event, attendees heard from some of the most accomplished people in business, technology, media, and the non-profit world, including Freedom to Marry founder Evan Wolfson, Pinterest head of diversity and inclusion Candice Morgan, and ACLU president Susan N. Herman. Guests received valuable insight into the struggles for equality that permeate our society, as well as actionable tips for strengthening their careers and creating change within their own organizations and communities.

In a new short documentary, we take you behind the scenes. With exclusive interviews with some of our keynote speakers and a highlight reel of WLF’s best moments, the video gives a unique look at how those on the front lines of social justice and equality inspire others to take action, build diverse workforces, and harness joy as a powerful form of resistance. 

About the Women’s Leadership Forum
On October 11, 2018, the fourth annual Women’s Leadership Forum at AppNexus, a Xandr company, convened 250 current and aspiring leaders for a day of keynote talks and interactive sessions focused on advancing the movements for equality that permeate business, technology, politics, and our society at-large.
Throughout the event, a diverse group of business leaders, technologists, and activists shared their experiences leading from the front lines and offered action-oriented strategies for how attendees can create change in their own lives and workplaces.  Catch up on all the action in this blog post and learn more at www.appnexus.com/wlf18.