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How Operam Improved vCPMs and CPCs with AppNexus Guaranteed Views

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The AppNexus Team

AppNexus Programmable Platform results, Light Reaction Germany

In today’s always-on world, advertisers demand complete transparency into their programmatic ads – how they’re performing, who’s viewing them, and what happens after a user clicks on an impression. But, as publishers continue to sell on basic impressions, buyers have faced huge challenges in their attempts to run high-viewability campaigns at scale.

This case study outlines Operam’s experience with Guaranteed Views, a recently-released AppNexus Marketplace product that enables advertisers to pay only for ads measured as viewable, based on more efficient decisioning at the time of auction, as opposed to historical averages. Read on to learn how AppNexus Guaranteed Views improved both Operam’s vCPMs (viewable cost-per-thousand-impressions) and CPCs (cost-per-click) – all without Operam spending a dollar on inventory that wasn’t 100% viewable.

The Challenge

Operam, a multichannel programmatic advertising buyer, leverages the AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP) to run its display, mobile, and video and Connected TV campaigns on the open internet. Over time, Operam has been steadily optimizing its campaigns for viewability, which its clients have increasingly view as table stakes. With this in mind, Operam wanted to scale viewability optimization to rival search and social, without sacrificing precision or the ability to track against other campaign KPIs.

The Solution

After understanding more about Operam’s client and campaign needs, AppNexus suggested they explore AppNexus Guaranteed Views. To demonstrate the benefits of this Marketplace product, AppNexus compared the performance of campaigns that were already running Guaranteed Views to those that were optimizing towards viewability. The AppNexus team then examined overall media cost, vCPM, and CPC to determine any differences in ROI.

The Results

The analysis proved promising. AppNexus found that the Guaranteed Views line item saw an improvement of 37% in terms of vCPM, and 48% in terms of CPC.

To learn more about how Operam leveraged Guaranteed Views to meet their viewability needs, read the full case study.