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How Light Reaction Germany Got 75% Higher CTRs with APP

When Light Reaction Germany needed better results earlier in campaign flight, they went to the AppNexus Programmable Platform. 

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The AppNexus Team

AppNexus Programmable Platform results, Light Reaction Germany

As a trader, you’d love to see every campaign you set up achieve immediate success upon launch. But in reality, this rarely happens. Most DSPs need at least a week to find the right inventory to hit your KPI goals.

But with the AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP), that’s no longer the case. APP uses advanced machine learning algorithms to quickly identify performant inventory, divert spend away from everything else, and ensure you hit your campaign KPI goals right away. But don’t take our word for it. Read on to learn how APP helped Light Reaction Germany achieve better results earlier in campaign flight and with less manual setup time from traders.

The Challenge

Light Reaction Germany (LRG) is one of Europe’s most successful performance advertising agencies. As a member of the Xaxis family, data is at the core of everything LRG does. But its team was also facing two challenges most traders will be familiar with:

  • Lagging performance at the beginning of campaigns. As we described above, most DSPs are unable to achieve traders’ performance goals around KPIs like CTR, CPC, and the like from the getgo of a campaign. They typically need a few days to buy impressions, accumulate data, and find the optimal bidding strategy.
  • Long setup times. The complex targeting and bidding algorithms that datadriven firms like LRG use take traders as much as 30 minutes or more to set up. That might not sound like much, but when you consider how many algorithms an agency like LRG runs each year, it adds up to hours of lost productivity.

LRG knew that data itself wasn’t their issue – they had plenty. What they needed was a new kind of DSP that would let them harness it more efficiently.

The Solution

When LRG explained their situation to us, we knew that APP was the DSP they were looking for. APP’s machine learning algorithms are able to sniff out the best possible inventory for each campaign as soon as it launches, so that traders see results right away. Meanwhile, APP’s streamlined UI makes campaign setup much faster than on legacy DSPs, allowing traders to focus on defining the audience most likely to be receptive to their campaign, no matter how specific that group may be.

Once we made a case for it, LRG moved a big portion of its spend across multiple campaigns over to APP to test if it could deliver on its promises.

The Results

AppNexus Programmable Platform results, Light Reaction Germany

LRG didn’t come away disappointed. APP achieved 75% higher CTRs on average during the first week of campaign flight, while manual setup time fell by 50%. Read the full Light Reaction Germany case study here to learn more!