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How Auto Trader UK Lowered CPAs 90% with APP

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The AppNexus Team

AppNexus Programmable Platform results, Light Reaction Germany

One of the key promises of programmatic advertising has been the ability to run targeted ad campaigns at scale. But while programmatic has made it possible, it hasn’t necessarily made it easy. Running a highly-targeted campaign has historically required traders to build out hundreds or even thousands of line items to encompass each segment they want to include in a campaign – typically, only large organizations with significant programmatic expertise have had the bandwidth to do it. That’s one of the key problems we set out to solve with our DSP, the AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP).         

But don’t just take our word for it. In the case study below, we examine how APP enabled a brand without a large digital team to nonetheless run a highly-targeted, ROI-positive campaign.


The Challenge

Auto Trader UK is the UK’s biggest online lister of new and used cars, with over 450,000 listings active at any given time and more than 55 million cross-platform visits each month. Given the highly competitive space they’re in, Auto Trader needed a way to reach its most valuable audiences without overpaying for them. The problem was that without a large programmatic team, Auto Trader didn’t have the manpower to do the time-consuming, repetitive work of building out the line items necessary to set up precisely targeted digital campaigns.


The Solution

Auto Trader decided to try APP based on its ability to streamline campaign targeting even for the most complex, customized campaigns. They didn’t come away disappointed. APP cut three hours off of campaign setup time, which freed their traders up to craft the perfect messaging for each of their audience segments. Over the next six months, APP reduced Auto Trader’s cost per acquisition by 90%. Download the full case study here to learn more!