The Growing Opportunities of Outstream Video for Publishers

Blog Post
The AppNexus Team

Video advertising has been a game changer for publishers. It is more engaging to the user and usually brings in a higher CPM from buyers. Many publishers think they are unable to take advantage of video advertising because they don’t have video content or a video player installed on their website. However, with Outstream video advertising, all publishers can take advantage of video advertising.

Outstream has been growing and offers publishers tremendous opportunities. Research shows that people view outstream video ads for 25 percent longer than instream and that many brand professionals today believe that outstream spending will soon outpace instream. Within the AppNexus Marketplace, outstream video ads offer much higher CPMs than display ads, averaging $6-$8 CPMs.

Benefits of Outstream

Video Monetization for All Publishers: Whether you have video content or not, outstream allows you to take advantage of video ads to monetize your non-video content.

Automated Rendering Without a Video Player: Outstream video renders in the ad unit, so you don’t need to have your own player on page, and AppNexus provides a renderer.

Inherently Viewable: An outstream video ad does not begin to play until a user actually sees the ad.

Less Risk of Fraud: An outstream video requires a user to actually scroll to the ad, so there is less risk of fraud from non-human traffic.

Prebid: A Transparent and Customizable Outstream Solution

For publishers looking to incorporate outstream, Prebid offers a powerful solution.  With Prebid, you have an open-sourced and fully transparent solution that offers granular controls such as:

  • Volume, Pause, and Play Controls for the User
  • Ability to expand the player to full screen
  • Skippability Controls
  • Vendor-specific text, color schemes or logos
  • Expanding the video player when the user scrolls into view
  • Contracting the player on video completion, or when the user scrolls out of view

If you already have Prebid implemented for other ad formats, you can quickly add Prebid Outstream in just four steps:

  1. Add one or more Prebid ad units to your page with the video media type and outstream content
  2. Include at least one bidder on these Prebid ad units capable of ingesting video bid requests
  3. Associate a renderer to play your outstream video ad units.  AppNexus provides a renderer for outstream video, but you also have the option to define your own.
  4. Invoke your ad server for the outstream ad units from the body of the page in the same way that you would for a display ad unit

Getting started with outstream is quick and publishers should start to look to incorporate this in their monetization strategy.