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GDPR Update: Register for the Global Vendor List

A few weeks ago, we announced our support for IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework: a common set of tools developed collaboratively by the IAB, us, and other industry participants to help publishers and advertisers become meet certain GDPR requirements. Yesterday, IAB Europe launched a key component of that framework: The Global Vendor List.

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The AppNexus Team
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The Global Vendor List allows third parties (i.e. vendors) that are accessing users’ devices and collecting and processing users’ data to provide a uniform framework to their clients (i.e. publishers and advertisers) to make standardized disclosures about who they are, what data they collect, how they use it (“purposes”), and what legal basis they rely on to use the data, among other disclosures. Putting this information in a centralized list allows publishers and advertisers to communicate with one another about which vendors are allowed to access their users’ personal data in a standardized way.

AppNexus will be registering as a vendor and we encourage all our ad tech clients and partners to register as well. Please note that AppNexus will require you to register for the Global Vendor List if you’re an ad tech provider who does any of the following:

  • Ingests our log level data feeds to receive personal data (e.g. user id, mobile device id, IP address, latitude & longitude) 
  • Integrates into our platform as a bidder, real time data provider, or mediation partner
  • Owns any technology that gets served on page, such as a custom pixel or tag from a domain you own that’s served with creatives. 


We encourage all applicable vendors to register as soon as possible as we will be rolling out a process with publishers to leverage this information. You can learn more about the Global Vendor List and access the registration page here.