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The Digital Advertising Stats You Need for 2018

2017 was another big year for advertisers, publishers, and ad tech providers. We saw the continued dominance of client-side header bidding as well as the advent of server-to-server; the announcement of a new ad tech consortium to make cookieless, cross-device targeting a reality; a promising industry response to fraud in the form of ads.txt; and the beginnings of a potential machine learning revolution in ad tech.

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The AppNexus Team
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But if there’s one thing that’s clear about our industry, it’s this: Change is the rule, not the exception – so, you can expect a whole lot more of it this year. In order to help you prepare, we’ve compiled a data-driven guide to The Digital Advertising Stats You Need for 2018.

Inside, you’ll find over 50 pages of the numbers, charts, and graphs you need to refine your 2018 strategy, including information on:

  • Emerging formats like video, mobile, and native
  • U.S. and international ad spend trends
  • Header bidding adoption
  • The state of the duopoly
  • And much, much more!

Download now, arm yourself with knowledge, and get ready for a productive 2018!