Celebrating the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program: Class of 2017

Blog Post
The AppNexus Team

Last Thursday, 20 talented, ambitious high school girls graduated from Girls Who Code’s 2017 Summer Immersion Program at AppNexus, having completed seven weeks of intensive computer science education.

Simply put, they were a joy to have in the office. From day one, their excitement and curiosity was palpable. By the end of the summer, they felt like longstanding members of the AppNexus family. And from the looks of a recent blog post penned by one of this year's graduates, we think they felt the same way!


One of our core company values is “learn and teach,” so, of course, AppNexians were keen to get involved. Over 100 of our employees participated in this year’s program, teaching classes and workshops, providing weekly mentorship for the girls, and organizing regular socials and events, including a special 5-Year Celebration we hosted in our Razzle Dazzle space.

Working with Girls Who Code is a great way for us to help close the gender gap in technology and pave the way for future generations of diverse leaders.

Having been with Girls Who Code since the beginning (we hosted their first ever class with just 20 students back in 2012), it’s incredible to see how the organization has grown, now supporting 40,000 girls across all 50 states.

Given how important this program is to us, we were thrilled when Adriana Chavez – one of this year’s students – asked to write a blog post on her experience. You can read an excerpt below and check out the whole thing here on the Girls Who Code blog.


In the spring of 2017 I was accepted into the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program. I scanned my eyes over my acceptance letter and saw the name of the host company I would be spending over 250 hours of my summer with: AppNexus.  

Before this summer began, I had a solid exposure to tech – I’d attended a handful of tech conferences, interned at a few startups, and am currently a writer for a tech company based out of London – but I hadn’t had many hands-on interactions with major tech corporations or the people who operated them.

I could also describe what I knew about AppNexus in exactly two words: “Advertisements” and “Orange.”


Thank you to Adriana for sharing her story. We are incredibly proud to be a partner of Girls Who Code, and excited to see what she, and the other 19 girls do next.