AppNexus Header Bidding Drives 25% eCPM Lift for The Seattle Times

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The AppNexus Team

Header bidding has changed the game – by enabling direct and programmatic demand to compete, it gives publishers the true market value of every impression, driving incremental revenue.

But header bidding isn’t a silver bullet. In order to truly maximize yield, publishers need to work with SSPs and exchanges that bring premium demand and ensure inventory is optimally-priced. The case study below demonstrates what a value-add header bidding demand partner looks like, by examining The Seattle Times' use of the AppNexus SSP.

The Challenge

Founded in 1896 and serving an audience of over 1.5 million, The Seattle Times is a distinguished publisher of quality, independent journalism for the northwest United States. But don’t let its storied past fool you – it’s a forward-looking organization. The Seattle Times’ Ad Ops team knows that to stay competitive today, a publisher must embrace the latest and greatest monetization technologies. That’s why The Seattle Times has been successfully deploying header bidding since 2016, when it adopted Prebid.js – the industry’s premier open-source header bidding wrapper.

While Prebid boosted The Seattle Times’ bottom line, the newspaper knew its header bidding setup could be improved by adding another exchange partner to its demand mix – one that would expose their inventory to premium demand and provide tools to optimize the pricing of their programmatic inventory.

The Solution

In January 2018, The Seattle Times approached AppNexus to add the AppNexus SSP to its header bidding setup. Our customer service team got to work, and the integration was quick, painless, and an easy lift for the publisher.

The Seattle Times noticed the difference immediately. Thanks to AppNexus’ reach on the buy-side, the newspaper is now connected with some of the world’s biggest advertisers, many of whom buy exclusively on the AppNexus marketplace. Not only that, our automated pricing technology ensures that The Seattle Times always receives bids that reflect the real-time market value of its inventory.

The Results

Within three months, AppNexus became The Seattle Times’ highest-revenue-generating header bidding partner. Overall, The Seattle Times’ header bidding eCPMs rose 25% after they added the AppNexus SSP to their setup. Read the full case study here to learn more!