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APP Guaranteed Views and Video Viewability Updates

An integral part of the vision of the AppNexus Programmable Platform is reaching audiences with viewable ads across all addressable devices and formats. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce a number of improvements to our Guaranteed Views and video viewability functionality. With the release of these features, APP clients will have access to a powerful feature set to achieve their clients’ viewability KPIs.

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Zack Kwartler

Guaranteed Video Views

We’re expanding the scope of our Guaranteed Views product to include video in addition to banner inventory. When using Guaranteed Video Views, APP users will only pay for inventory that are measured as viewable. In addition, AppNexus pays the publisher per impression, less a commission, to create a liquid viewable marketplace for buyers.

With Guaranteed Views buying, traders can open up their line items to viewable inventory that they might have previously cut off if they were using third-party viewability segments or view-rate targeting to optimize to viewability. In fact, we've seen that over 42% of viewable impressions on our platform occur on inventory that has a view-rate below 70 percent:

To use Guaranteed Video Views in APP, buyers need to select either the “Cost+” or “Viewable CPM” Revenue Type on their ALI and then select “Pay per View” after they select RTB as their buying strategy:

Guaranteed Video Views and the Viewable CPM Revenue Type for Video will be available to all APP users the week of May 14. As a reminder, Guaranteed Views buying is supported on all RTB-buying (including Deals) where AppNexus clears directly with the seller. This includes on-platform supply and major exchanges and SSPs.

Clearing Event Reporting

A key concept for Guaranteed Views Buying in APP is the "Clearing Event" - the event that needs to occur for you to pay for inventory (e.g. a Banner View measured by AppNexus according to the IAB viewability standard). To help buyers better measure their Guaranteed Views line items in APP, we’ve added three new metrics to the Network Analytics report:

  1. Clearing Event Units
  2. Clearing Event Buyer Media Cost eCPM
  3. Clearing Event Booked Revenue eCPM

With this addition to the Analytics Report, clients will be able to compare the number of clearing events they purchased to standard impression data and will also be able to see what their Booked Revenue eCPM and Media Cost eCPM are for Guaranteed View (aka Clearing Event) impressions:

Clearing Event reporting will be released to all APP users the week of May 14. You can read more about “Clearing Event” reporting here.

If you have additional questions on Guaranteed Video Views or Clearing Event Reporting, please reach out to us in the #guaranteed-views channels of AppNexus Traders Slack.

Video Viewability Threshold

Clients using APP will now have the ability to target a view-rate threshold when they select the video ad type on their Augmented Line Items (ALIs). Since releasing video view-rate targeting to Alpha, we’ve seen month-over-month APP video spend increase by more than 150 percent.

Clients can use the video viewability threshold in conjunction with Guaranteed Views if they want to ensure a certain viewability rate when buying Guaranteed Views. Alternatively, clients can just use the viewability threshold without Guaranteed Views if they are primarily concerned about viewability rate for their line items.

The video viewability threshold will also be available to all APP users the week of May 14.

Viewability Standard Selection at the IO

To provide more transparency and control into what viewability standard is used for your insertion orders, we’ve added the “Viewability Standard” field to Seamless Insertion Orders. Based on the Viewability Standard you select on the IO and the Ad Type you select on the Line Item, we’ll automatically apply the right viewabilty standard to any viewability features you use on the line item (e.g. Viewable CPM Revenue Type, Pay per View, Viewability Threshold).

This field will show up on all Seamless IOs starting the week of May 14:

We also have the ability to provide clients with the choice between the IAB and GroupM standards on new Seamless IOs:

Users that have access to the IAB and GroupM standards on the IO will only be able to select a standard when creating an IO, but not when editing an IO after it has been saved. To start, we’ll be releasing the ability to choose between the “GroupM” and “IAB” standards at the IO to any client that currently has access to the GroupM viewability standard in APP.

What’s Next

We’re currently expanding our Guaranteed Views suite to include clearing events measured by third-party vendors such as Moat and Double Verify. If you’re interested in testing Guaranteed Moat Banner Views, which is currently in Alpha, please reach out to your account manager.