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All Hail Private Marketplaces!

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The AppNexus Team

It’s amazing how far the lowly Deal ID has come. In just a few years, Deals — also known as Private Marketplaces — have gone from a rounding error in platform spend to one of programmatic’s fastest-growing segments, already representing a double-digit share of the exchange. According to eMarketer data from September 2017, Private Marketplaces will control 46% of display ad spending in the US this year, a 25% increase over 2017. Deals are big business and a fantastic option for publishers seeking more revenue and buyers seeking greater safety and transparency in the programmatic market.

What makes Deals so attractive is that they can activate any number of custom-tailored relationships between buyers and sellers.  Whether the aim is to negotiate a discount in exchange for spend, open up unique datasets, or just enable scale for an advertiser seeking valuable users, savvy programmatic operations know the Deal ID can be a powerful tool.

Private Marketplaces keep gaining momentum 

Here at AppNexus, we were blown away by the growth in Private Marketplace spend in 2017 – just take a look at some of the below highlights:

  • Approximately $500M of spend made through a Deal ID – smashing our 2016 total!
  • 706 buyers representing over 60,000 brands, and spending in every major market, supply type, and creative format
  • 91 buyers spent more than $1M in Private Marketplaces via AppNexus last year
  • 10 countries had Private Marketplace spend over $10M, with well over $100M in the US alone
  • 80,000+ active Deal IDs
  • Deals command an 800% premium over our open market eCPM
  • Private Marketplace spend is growing at 30% year over year 

In 2018, we’re making even bigger investments in our Private Marketplace tools for buyers and sellers to enable publishers to offer more sophisticated pricing and targeting strategies, and make it easier for buyers to meet campaign performance goals.

To learn more about our roadmap for 2018 and what sets AppNexus Deals marketplace apart, you can download our one-sheet on AppNexus Deals or contact us here.