7 Reasons You Should Intern at AppNexus

Blog Post
The AppNexus Team


  1. Location, location, location. Our interns spend 11 weeks working out of our headquarters in the heart of Manhattan’s Flatiron District. AppNexus is located at the center of the NYC tech scene, home to a rapidly-expanding pool of innovators, entrepreneurs and change makers.
  1. World-class, home-baked onboarding program. Our interns spend their first week together in AppNexus University, a series of courses designed to help you hit the ground running at the start of your second week. The industry, our business and our technology are incredibly complex, and we are passionate about learning and teaching; all of our courses are created and brought to you by experienced AppNexians. This type of learning continues well beyond onboarding.
  1. Mentorship designed just for you. We will pair you with a manager who will be dedicated to your growth and success even before you start. They will work with you to pick the perfect summer project and provide feedback in real-time. You will also be paired with an AppNexpert (AppNexus Expert), a recent grad who will help you acclimate to our company culture and meet people across our organization.
  1. Offer eligibility for one and all. As an AppNexus intern, you will have the opportunity to earn a full-time offer at the end of the summer. Forget the hunger-games mentality; we believe that the best business outcomes stem from transparency, teamwork and collaboration. As an intern, you can immerse yourself in life as an AppNexian, and evaluate if AppNexus is the right place for you to join post-graduation.
  1. Intern bonding and educational events. There’s a full schedule of events for our interns. You’ll get to know New York City and your fellow interns through outings such as mini golf, baseball games and scavenger hunts. We will also arrange a series of educational events based on what you’re hoping to learn—past examples include public speaking workshops, Excel tutorials and Java 101. You’ll also have leadership meet-ups with all of our C-level execs and whiteboard sessions with our most seasoned engineers.
  1. Learn, teach, repeat. It’s no secret that AppNexians are all about learning as much as we can and teaching what we know. We love to learn from a good failure since every experiment teaches us more about how things really work, rather than just having millions of perfect ideas in our heads. As an intern, you’ll have the opportunity to live by and contribute to this tradition.
  1. Significant impact. The number one reason you should intern at AppNexus? You won’t fetch coffee or make copies. You’ll have the opportunity to contribute real, impactful work to a rapidly growing, disruptive company. But don’t take it from us—hear it from our former interns: watch the project real below and read all about it on our intern blog.

Does this sound like the opportunity for you? You can apply for our technical summer internship online now! Non-technical positions will be posted in January.