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2015: The Ad Tech Charts, Stats, and Numbers You Need to Know

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2015 was a year of sweeping changes for advertisers, publishers, and ad tech companies alike. When it came to mergers and acquisitions, we saw our industry consolidate itself at a pace that is almost certain to accelerate. We witnessed the growth of programmatic advertising across all global sales regions — and noted a marked increase both in total spend and in total revenue across those various sales regions. We also identified important challenges to online advertising, issues that range from video latency to the widespread adoption of ad blocking technology. These are hurdles that we believe should be addressed both thoroughly and wisely during the course of 2016.

Surely one of the larger stories to emerge from 2015 is the unmatched growth rate (and profitability) of programmatic advertising across all major global sales regions. Not only are marketers catching on to the fact that more and more people are spending their time online rather than in front of televisions, but marketers also seem to be putting their money into courting this audience in a variety of formats including display, video, and native. Buyers and sellers also seem to be discovering the popularity of mobile as a marketing platform and directing their ad spend accordingly. That being said, the vast potential for mobile still dwarfs the number of dollars marketers seem willing to spend on it (at least for now). In the meantime, we expect that global advertising revenue is set to increase to a staggering $513 billion during the coming year.

In light of these developments and many others, we at AppNexus have compiled a definitive guide of essential ad tech charts, graphs, and stats covering 2015. Whether you use this information for purposes of organizational strategizing, marketing analysis, or improving your presentations and pitch-decks, our hope is that those who study it carefully will come into 2016 with a distinct competitive advantage over their peers. Browse these pages and take a look for yourself!

Download the AppNexus 2015 Top Stats Whitepaper