Yield Management

Auction buying can increase the value for your inventory by giving you instant access to high-quality, data-driven demand, and it doesn’t mean giving up control. Use AppNexus auction controls to regulate how an auction is run, maximizing yield management and minimizing channel conflict.

The largest private exchanges in the world are using AppNexus technology to maximize their yield using the auction controls that are an integral part of our custom exchange offering. Join them in optimizing yield across thousands of publishers, controlling your transparency settings, setting price floors, and establishing partner preferences.


Manage channel conflict and drive overall yield by specifying what inventory data you share with buyers. AppNexus provides you with the tools to reveal information by category, URL, age and gender data, and tag-level information.


Set automated rules based on your own data or rate card and control the lowest prices being paid for your inventory. Prioritize and price inventory based on geography, buyer, audience segment, and more.


You have full control over the ad experience on your sites. Enforce which creatives are allowed to run according to rules that track the language, category, technical attribute, or brand that our auditing team applies to every creative running through your inventory.


Use our bid-biasing tools to set partner preferences for your inventory and favor those you consider to be high-quality buyers on a percentage and CPM basis.