Build A Trading Desk


With AppNexus, you can quickly build a trading desk without investing in the costly, underlying technology required to access and buy inventory at scale. The AppNexus platform delivers a complete ecosystem that gives you access to all major sources of real-time inventory. Tap into industry-leading features that include our intuitive ad management user interface, transparent optimization tools, brand safety controls, and more. You can also build your own custom features with our open APIs or by leveraging AppNexus Apps.

Our capabilities:

Buy direct and streamline inventory management
AppNexus Console, our ad management UI, gives you turnkey management of inventory based on audience targeting, inventory quality controls, cost goals, and other criteria. You get immediate, direct access to large pools of platform inventory from premium sellers. 

Negotiate private, premium marketplaces
When you build your trading desk on AppNexus, you can negotiate your own terms with private exchanges and premium inventory sources such as Collective. These private marketplace deals can include negotiated preferential access or specific pricing.

Rich media and video
The AppNexus platform lets you take advantage of various creative formats in order to maximize ad effectiveness. You gain access to leading sources of high value supply including expandables inventory and in-banner video.

Full spectrum advertising on one platform
AppNexus has created the first large-scale marketplace for mobile buyers, with access to billions of top-quality ad impressions each day. You can execute, optimize, and scale campaigns across desktop and mobile with a singular view of performance.

Flexible data integrations and granular reporting
AppNexus’ in-depth data management tools allow your trading desk to access impression-level information about your media buys. Our reporting tools provide access to hourly reporting available in local time zones and multiple currencies. Additionally, you can easily bring on first or third-party data to reach your desired audience across the Internet. The result: more responsive campaign management that lets you make real-time adjustments that drive greater ROI.

Custom optimization to build a trading desk
We created flexible optimization controls with built-in levers so you can tailor our model based on your own trafficking expertise. Once set, our optimization automatically shifts ad buys to the best-performing sites. Our algorithms are well-documented and transparent so you’ll know exactly how to maximize your media buys.

Protect your advertisers' brand
With AppNexus, you can purchase ad inventory with brand image confidence. Our human audit team scans and categorizes thousands of domains on the AppNexus platform. Our automated quality control technology, Sherlock, identifies and blocks unsafe domains at a rate of several hundred per month. Further, AppNexus allows you to create Inventory Quality profiles to filter out inventory with conflicting brands or sensitive content. Together, these controls ensure your ads run only on brand-safe sites which you can verify through our domain-level reporting. 

Global ad serving platform for maximum reach
Our highly scalable platform architecture was built specifically for ad serving. Processing billions of impressions per day across six data centers around the world, we have the ability to process direct deals alongside RTB demand. With some of the lowest latency and highest uptime in the industry, AppNexus provides you with a unique ad serving solution.

Build a unique competitive advantage
At AppNexus, we go beyond a simple white label solution. You can customize our technology to build a true competitive advantage for your business without the complexities and cost of building a technology stack from the ground up. With our open APIs, you can extend the AppNexus platform and create tailored solutions for your customers.

Simplify relationships with 3rd-party tech partners
AppNexus has created a groundbreaking apps program for the ad tech industry, allowing clients and partners to embed their functionality into Console, our ad management UI. No longer limited to providing just raw data, technology partners can now create rich user experiences right within Console. With AppNexus Apps, your business can enjoy streamlined technology relationships with one UI with a single login.