Supply & Demand

AppNexus offers the industry’s leading technology system for managing both supply and demand partners. All major ad exchanges, ad networks, DSPs, SSPs, publishers and advertisers are plugged into the AppNexus platform. On a single platform, you can manage targeting, frequency capping, and data collection across both managed and real-time inventory. Our inventory transparency assures high-quality and measurable results across guaranteed and real-time buys. Get immediate, direct access to large pools of quality inventory from premium sellers and benefit from instant access to hundreds of demand partners, such Infectious Media.


Unlike many other vendors, we provide you with a financial clearinghouse that consolidates both your invoices and payments. AppNexus provides a single clearing point for all real-time transactions and manages credit risk on your behalf.

  • Write one check – Do business with hundreds of sellers on the AppNexus platform, but at the end of the month write just one check (note: some RTB sources require buyers to hold their own seats on the exchange, and thus structure their own financial clearing relationships).
  • Receive one check – As a seller, you get a single check from AppNexus no matter how many buyers, including external DSPs, access your inventory. We also mitigate the risk of collection from buyers through our centralized financial clearing.
  • Do business globally - Although we clear in US dollars, both buyers and sellers can execute business rules and view reports in any currency—a vital capability in a competitive and global online advertising market.


AppNexus tackles the challenge of programmatic buying of rich media ads with a comprehensive, secure, and flexible solution. We enable you to use custom rich media formats, including expandables and interstitials, when buying or selling. Support for expandables ensures that your ads meet publisher specs and expand properly within an RTB environment. Our video inventory, also available through RTB, lets you leverage the same sophisticated buying tools you use for banner ads to identify audiences across a wide range of sources.


With the growth of mobile advertising, mobile and display are converging in practical ways. We effectively integrate mobile and display to drive strong ROI, allowing you to get a single view of your performance across channels without building new technologies to enable a mobile display platform. Windows 7 mobile inventory is exclusively available through AppNexus.