Customer Success Stories

eBay, one of the largest and most innovative advertisers on the Internet, recognized that an increasing volume of “real-time biddable” display inventory was becoming available via ad exchanges and inventory aggregators. The company made a strategic decision to adopt real-time buying technology, provided by AppNexus, in an effort to dramatically improve its display advertising results. Because AppNexus was able to deliver a real-time ad solution tailored to eBay’s business challenges, eBay saw a significant lift in display ad performance, with particularly outstanding results in auction-based impressions.
When Microsoft Advertising launched their RTB strategy for their inventory, they partnered with AppNexus to build a suite of yield management controls for the Microsoft Advertising Exchange. When they launched on their first property, Windows Live, Microsoft Advertising saw an estimated lift in total revenue 13-16% higher than expected, with no adverse impact to their reserved sales teams.
Bannerconnect, an automated trading specialist, was one of the first adopters of real-time bidding in Europe. The company has seen increased competition for new business from DSPs and SSPs now entering local markets. By building their own tools on top of the AppNexus platform, Bannerconnect strengthened their relationship with their largest client, saw a 22% increase in profit, and won 20% in new business.