Quality at AppNexus

Quality at AppNexus


AppNexus has long strived to make the Internet better by maintaining a quality ecosystem free of misleading or even illegal sites and advertisements and enforcing a zero tolerance policy against invalid traffic on our platform.

It is our mission to provide long-term value by delivering relevant messaging to people consuming unique content.


As the online advertising industry grows, bad actors continually evolve their methods to exploit the ecosystem with multi-dimensional methods including non-human traffic, hidden ad impressions, misrepresented sources, fraudulent click activity, malware and more.

To protect the reputations of our clients, AppNexus takes a multilayered approach to this complex problem. Our human audit team, automated quality monitoring, and integrations with third-party technology providers work together to protect advertisers and publishers from these threats.

During July, August, and September, with both proprietary and 3rd party data sets, we blocked or flagged traffic that violated AppNexus quality standards:

  • Blocked ~64 Billion impressions as invalid traffic
  • 30 Billion non-human traffic
  • 10 Billion misrepresented sources
  • 20 Billion hidden ad/low page quality
  • 3.7 Billion fraudulent click activity
  • Flagged ~20 Billion impressions as undeclared toolbar inventory
  • 89k domains reviewed with 28% rejected for not meeting AppNexus content standards by our inventory audit team

We invite you to join us in bringing the industry together to establish a cooperative, self-regulated approach to improving quality within the advertising ecosystem.