Every advertiser and publisher strives to maximize their ROI but employs different means of achieving this goal. We understand that our clients have unique objectives so we have created optimization tools that adjust to your preferences. Our tools work across both managed and real-time inventory to align with your specific business strategies. Built from years of hands on experience and data, the AppNexus optimization offers best-in-class performance for matching the right ad with the right user, while providing the flexibility to meet your advertiser or publisher’s revenue goals. 


The AppNexus Optimization System is designed to predict user response rates for both advertisers and publishers based on the smallest possible set of data. To do this, the system first breaks down inventory based on billions of data points to find “pockets” with desirable characteristics for predicting performance. We then take those pockets and layer our proprietary logic on top of them. Our Bayesian inference models form real time predictions of how different offer types and buying strategies will work on each of these pockets of inventory. User attributes like frequency and recency of ad exposure are then incorporated via the AppNexus Cadence Modifier to determine a user’s likelihood to click and convert and to effectively optimize your campaigns.

This tailored system, which adjusts to each unique campaign, piece of inventory, and user, gives you the most accurate predictions possible in milliseconds. Its flexibility allows it to optimize to a variety of advertiser goal types, including full-funnel CPA optimization, CPC, CTR, and margin goals.


At AppNexus, we built our optimization controls with the customer in mind. Designed with adjustable levers, advertisers and publishers can tailor our model based on a wealth of historical performance data. Our levers allow you to tweak how quickly you learn on different campaigns and how much inventory to devote to the learn phase, helping you to better manage your risk and determine what is most important to your business.


With AppNexus, there’s no mystery in how your bid values are being determined. Our optimization algorithms are well-documented and transparent to AppNexus clients. We also deliver up-to-the-hour reporting capabilities to provide impression, click, and conversion data. You get deep insight into what's working for your inventory and campaigns, and what's not. Our robust reporting capabilities, along with fully transparent optimization algorithms ensure you maintain control over your business and your return.