Innovation at AppNexus

In the ad tech space, you can either continuously innovate or be overtaken by the next disruptive technology. If you’re a startup, embracing novel ideas is your bread and butter, but limited resources can prevent your visions from becoming reality. For more established businesses, the complexity of large, rigid systems can stifle innovation.

For us, innovation is not a buzzword. It’s in our DNA. We face the same industry mandates for continuous improvement and creativity that you do, and we have structured our business processes, as well as our platform, around stimulating the best new ideas. Our goal is to ensure as our industry continues to scale, your ability to innovate scales with it.

Creating an Environment for New Ideas

For customers to be innovative, they need to be flexible. From the beginning, we’ve designed our technology stack to be the most open and extensible in the industry so that you can execute your brilliant ideas. But innovation also needs a stable foundation. To prove the scalability and reliability of our ad serving platform, we are our own biggest customer. Everything from our Console UI to our bidding integration is built off the same well-documented APIs and cloud infrastructure our customers use, and we’ve ensured that our platform can easily be integrated with many types of external systems.

AppNexus is in a unique position to combine the momentum of a startup with the stability of a mature business team and technology platform. New ideas need to be nurtured and developed quickly. We put this into action by implementing processes to ideate and promote creativity. We also design ways to fail quickly and ensure the best options gain full support. From internal processes such as our hackathons and services labs teams we find ways to spawn boundless ideas and bring the best ones to life.


With the AppNexus Apps program we went beyond simple data integrations to create an environment where companies can truly differentiate themselves without re-building sophisticated ad serving technology from scratch. App builders embed their own ideas and experiences right into AppNexus Console. Third-party technology vendors, and our existing customers, have taken advantage of the apps platform to build innovative features for their own clients and reach new audiences. And just like our APIs, we use the apps platform with our own AppNexus Labs Apps to find innovative ways to harness our team’s ideas and make our customers more successful.