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AppNexus Console

AppNexus Console helps agencies and advertisers increase campaign effectiveness through the most powerful integrated platform for programmatic media buying.


Twixt is an automated guaranteed buying platform for the open marketplace. Trading desk programmatic products, holding company preferred deals and open RFP in one unified application.


AppNexus Video

AppNexus Video brings you the reach and transparency you need to target greater numbers of ever-more relevant viewers — and achieve exponentially higher user match rates.

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Yield Management Platform

YMP increases monetization by managing multiple demand partners more efficiently.   With more control and less operational overhead, users can focus on what matters most: achieving higher yields.

Yieldex Analytics

Yieldex Analytics helps publishers manage, forecast, package and price their digital inventory to improve yield and maximize revenue across all delivery channels. 

Open AdStream

Open AdStream helps publishers reduce challenges in digital ad serving by offering a single digital ad delivery platform built to maximize revenue across all demand sources.


YieldexDirect helps publishers reduce the inefficiencies associated with running time-consuming campaigns by providing highly specialized tools to increase operational efficiency though integrated workflows and campaign automation.

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AppNexus Console

AppNexus Console helps advertising technology companies reduce the amount of time and expensive technology required to trade programmatically through specialized infrastructure, tools and expertise.

 AppNexus Services

AppNexus Services helps advertising technology companies reduce risk and complexity through custom training and technology and financial solutions.

AppNexus Cloud

AppNexus Cloud helps advertising technology companies stand out from the crowd to generate more business through highly differentiated offerings.


AppNexus Video

AppNexus Video brings you the reach and transparency you need to target greater numbers of ever-more relevant viewers — and achieve exponentially higher user match rates.

NYC Events Week 2015

November 2–6, 2015

For ad tech, it’s been more than just a banner year.

From buy side to sell side, innovations continue to transform our industry at a rate that often seems to rival the pace of real-time.  To reflect this ever shifting landscape of technological breakthroughs and marketing opportunities, the team here at AppNexus has expanded our NYC Events Week so that there’s more room than ever for in-depth discussion. Join AppNexus from November 2nd through November 6th for a comprehensive overview of online advertising — and the promising future of our industry.

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AppNexus Optimize

Tuesday November 3, 2015

Creating a better Internet is a task far greater than the efforts of any one entity. At the first Optimize event we’ve ever held in New York, we’ll celebrate those pioneers who’ve built and developed great things using our open platform. We’ll also showcase just how many — and new— possibilities are well within reach. Whether you’re an engineer, developer, data scientist, or technologist, our goal is to empower you to improve tomorrow’s Internet, one line of a code at a time.

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AppNexus Summit

Wednesday November 4, 2015

Our AppNexus Summit offers the chance to distinguish between what’s merely trending in ad tech — and what’s here for keeps. Join us for a morning of keynote presentations, panel discussions, and fireside chats led by our CEO and founder, Brian O’Kelley. We'll share our vision on the most relevant developments in global programmatic, showcase product innovations, and address how advertisers and publishers alike can best thrive in today’s ecosystem. Summit also presents a real-time opportunity for you to meet with the industry luminaries of today and tomorrow.

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AppNexus Publishers Forum

Thursday November 5, 2015

As an online publisher, you may be wondering how the consolidation of the programmatic industry into full-stack platforms will benefit your business. Over a half day of presentations and exclusive product demonstrations at our offices in New York, AppNexus will provide insights and opportunities for the next era of digital publishing.

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